Fonded in 1975 REVAC IMMOBILIER S.A. means, above all, an efficient and professional team, trustworthy specialists, an independent and neutral real estate company. Thanks to our huge experience with VIP’s and their high requirements, we guarantee all property-owners and future sellers total discretion.

Our company’s principle is obtaining remuneration for merit only, i.e. we do not charge any fees as long as the transaction has not been successfully completed at your entire satisfaction. The commission is based on the local regulations.


There is no doubt that our property developments experienced a huge success. Therfore we are still and always looking for landlots fit for construction in the Canton of Geneva and surroundings (Vaud/Terre Sainte). We have been closely cooperating with architects and engineers as well as construction companies for many years and are in a position to submit competitive and tempting purchase offers.


Please contact REVAC S.A. and ask for an accurate and detailed evaluation of your property.
Our team will call on you without any commitment on your part. Our service and advice are beyond reproach and will enable to find the best selling solution for your property, whether this might be an apartment, villa or landlot.


For future buyers who have neither time nor intention to venture into the search of their future home, we offer an appropriate search mandate. After having determined your imperative expectations your ideal home should match, we will proceed within a limited time, during which we must submit you a minimal and in advance determined number of properties that will have to meet your prerogatives. Contact